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    JOHANNESBURG – Students at the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) say writing exams under heavy private security and police guard is traumatising.

    Clashes erupted at the Soshanguve campus between private security guards and students on Monday, hours before exams were set to begin.

    Students are demanding the exams be postponed to January next year, claiming the recent disruptions on campus haven’t allowed them to adequately prepare to write their exams.

    [WATCH] Fear of failure at TUT.

    Some students say they didn’t have confidence while writing their exams, with exams being written off-campus and students being ferried with buses to write at the Pretoria Showgrounds.

    One student says, “We have mixed emotions. You may be sure that you’ve studied quite well but with everything that’s been happening, you might not do so well in the exam. It is traumatising.”

    University management says having heavy security and police presence on campus and at the exam venue is to ensure students are able to write their final exams without disruptions and a sense of safety.

    ‘THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT OUR FUTURE’Protesters say the institution’s persistence to forge ahead with exams instead of postponing to January next year is a tactic to make it look good in the public eye at the expense of students.

    They add ongoing disruptions at campus have interfered with exam preparations.

    Student leader Thabang Boima, who is currently suspended by the university, says management doesn’t care about students’ needs.

    “They’ve already shown they don’t care about the future of students, they care about their jobs. They want this institution to have a good image in the public.”

    But the university maintains students were given enough time to study for their exams.

    Spokesperson Willa De Ruyter says, “We’ve extended the academic year by two weeks following protests and we have allowed students to complete the curriculum to give them enough time to study. The predicate was released on 14 November, which gave students another week to prepare and we also opened our online platforms.”

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