The Party shall uphold the following Declaration of the Sovereignty of Citizens (made in the first person):





The founder of AGANG SA, Dr Mamphela Aletta Ramphele, has transformed the political platform she created in February 2013 into a political party, which was launched on 22 June 2013. The need to establish rules and procedures of operation of the entity leading towards the first Conference has become imperative.   This Interim Constitution seeks to achieve this purpose and give life to the foundational values and principles of its founding leaders.





The history of the Republic of South Africa (hereinafter referred to as “SA”) is defined by groups or nations or tribes that out of self-identity and divisive conduct or actions created contempt for others.


This divisive thinking created a space in which a minority was regarded as citizens whilst the majority of South Africans were regarded and treated as “second-class citizens” without the opportunities and respect to which all South Africans are entitled.


AGANG SA seeks to restore dignity, equality and hope for all South Africans. No laws, policies, or practice must define South Africans in divisive language, which puts a particular group first; moreover, all South Africans must be rooted in the ideals of nation-building and citizenship.   No law, policy or practice must undermine the fundamental rights of citizens.   Individual thought, belief, culture, religion, sexual orientation, innovative ideals, and hopes shall not be compromised or denied.





I am part of a community of citizens and I must respect the interconnectedness of our journey to restore the promise of freedom. I believe in walking a path with local leaders in order to ensure that those leaders represent my interest and that of my community or area.


I entrust my security, growth and the future to a government that listens, and is founded on the principles of a clean and responsive government. I am empowered to use my voice to articulate my dissatisfaction with my government without fear of reprisal or victimisation and also to contribute to the well-being of my nation and the direction of my government.


Government must ensure the safety of my nation, and where they fail, permit me, to voice my opinion and contribute to the betterment of our nation.


I believe that government can only govern with the permission of citizens and that, as a citizen I am empowered to call together with other citizens for the recall of my government if they do not discharge their custodial obligations towards the nation in a manner that is fit and proper.





I work toward a society where all citizens are able to work in legally and socially acceptable occupations for their self-interest and are rewarded for their contributions appropriately.


The Promise of Freedom can only be realised if all South Africans are reminded of their interconnectedness, common destiny and our unity through diversity.





I affirm that it is possible to restore the Promise of Freedom and I affirm that the future is in OUR hands.


SA is approaching a tipping point; however, through our collective efforts we can work together to restore the Promise of Freedom and shape a future SA that is more inclusive, prosperous and at peace with itself and the world.


I believe that I am a master of my destiny; I believe that future generations can and must rely on each other to make a meaningful contribution towards change. I believe that it is possible to restore the hope, dreams and freedom for all South Africans.


I believe that if I can imagine this dream, it is possible.











The name of the Party shall be “AGANG SOUTH AFRICA PARTY” (hereinafter referred to as “The Party”).





  1. The primary objective of the Party is to build a free SA where all citizens enjoy equality, freedom, and dignity.


  1. The Party respects the values, rights and responsibilities of the Constitution of South Africa (hereinafter referred to as the Constitution”) and affirms that those values and principles shall guide our actions and policies.   We affirm that we are a values-based Party.


  1. The Party is committed to ensuring that all South Africans enjoy a clean and competent government where we put our best citizens to areas where they can contribute effectively and create a world class system of government that lives, breathes and embodies the values of our Constitution.


  1. The Party shall strive to promote active citizenship and provide an avenue for citizens to enter politics with a focus on nation building and service. The Party shall eradicate any conduct that is corrupt or improper and expose any wrongdoing.


  1. The Party shall create policies and laws which holds government to be accountable to the citizens.   The principle of “Government for the People, Government of the People and Government by the People” must regulate the relationship between citizens and their government.


  1. The Party believes in promoting sustainable policies that facilitate an economy that is able to create jobs and livelihood; an education system that prepares each child for the challenges of the 21st century, healthcare for all that focuses on supporting and nurturing families ; and a society that doesn’t consider crime as a way out of poverty.


  1. The Party shall seek to represent the citizens of South Africa through electoral processes at all levels and seeks to ensure that our electoral system is more accountable and built on the values of our democracy.





  1. The Party shall guarantee the integrity of candidates sponsored for elections by the Party at all levels of government.


  1. The Party shall uphold good governance and accountability of all its members, in accordance with the Party’s Manifesto.


  1. If any Party candidate becomes corrupt, such person shall be disciplined in terms of the Party’s Rule Enforcement Committee.





  1. The Party shall uphold and affirm the values, rights and responsibilities as enshrined in the Constitution and to the principles of secularism and democracy.


  1. The Party abides by the following fundamental beliefs:



2.1               Innate equality among all peoples everywhere;



2.1.1                           All human beings are created equal. Equality of opportunity has to be the founding principle of an equitable society.


2.1.2                           Political groups which use differences of religion, or language, to come to power, perpetuate the damage caused to South Africa both before and after the advent of democracy.


2.1.3                           The Party intends to create an equal society and rid SA of the shackles of the past through the innovative thought of all South Africans.


2.2               Liberty and mutual respect



2.2.1                       Human rights and liberty are more important than material





2.2.2                           We believe in democracy, both conceptually and practically in the way it is defined in the Constitution.


2.2.3                           A clear separation between the State and Religion must be implemented and respected. All religions and beliefs are to be respected.


2.3               Belief in self



2.3.1                           Each human life matters. Each of us can consciously choose for ourselves a path of standing up for what we believe in. We are a united nation.


2.3.2                           SA has a destiny to fulfil; a role to play on the world stage, however, that role must be earned through technological and economic excellence, and by promoting innovation, manufacturing and branding of our products at all levels.


2.4               Nation, government, citizens and markets



2.4.1                           SA belongs to all citizens. The State embodies the assets, institutions and resources of the country and acts as the custodian of these assets. The State in its role as custodian is mandated to act in the interest of all citizens and to protect the commonwealth of SA.


2.4.2                           Government has a legal and moral obligation to fulfil tasks given to it by the People.


2.4.3                           Civil   society   is   premised   on   individual   freedom   and responsibility, and on limited and accountable government.   It protects the individual from the intrusive state, and connects the individual to the larger social and economic order.


Article 5:               LOGO OF THE PARTY






















































1.1                  The work of building a Party is underpinned on democratic values and the principles of the Constitution.


1.2                  The leadership of the Party has created convening structures to ensure the recruitment of members, establishment of branches, regional structures, province and national structures.


1.3                  The founding Convening Structures of the Party accept that their appointment is temporary, and is intended to create proper democratic elections at the properly constituted National Conference where the Party’s Constitution shall be adopted by the National Conference.





2.1               The Convening National Structure shall comprise the following:



2.1.1                       The President of the Party;



2.1.2                       Deputy President;



2.1.3                       National Chairperson;



2.1.4                       Secretary-General;



2.1.5                       National Treasurer;



2.1.6                       National Spokesperson;



2.1.7                       National Disciplinary Convenor; and



2.1.8                       National Policy Convenor.



2.2               The Convening Provincial Structures shall comprise the following:



2.2.1                       Chairperson;


2.2.2                       Deputy Chairperson;



2.2.3                       Provincial Secretary;



2.2.4                       Deputy Provincial Secretary;



2.2.5                       Provincial Treasurer;



2.2.6                       Provincial Disciplinary Convenor;



2.2.7                       Provincial Policy Convenor;



2.2.8                       Provincial Spokesperson;









3.1               The President is the founder and leader of the Party.



3.2                  The President shall be given an opportunity to direct the Party and create a Party that will restore the Promise of Freedom.


3.3                  The President of the Party shall serve two successive terms and ensure that the Party continues in the direction and in line with the values envisioned by the founders of the Party.


3.4                  The President shall appoint andr have the final decision making power in terms of appointing the positions set out in clauses 2.1 and 2.2 above.


3.5               The President shall appoint persons to the positions set out in clause


2.1 above who make up the Executive Committee.



3.6                  The Office of the President shall oversee all programs and receive all reports, and form part of all material decisions in steps taken towards the National Conference.





4.1                  The Executive Committee shall be comprised of eminent leaders, selected for their track record as community leaders, their involvement in development of the country, and/or their specific expertise and skills.


4.2                  The Executive Committee shall have as its main function giving advice to the President on all functions of the Party.


4.3                  The Executive Committee shall be the highest decision-making body of the Party with the President having final ratifying powers.


4.4                  The Executive Committee shall internally decide on its functioning procedure, and shall give advice on the functioning of other structures in the Party.


4.5                  The Executive Committee shall oversee the work of the administration and political structures and ensure that there is amity within the Party.


4.6                  All political decisions shall originate and be developed by the structures through involvement of membership and the administration shall give all necessary technical support, and produce all documentation necessary to educate, inform and spread the word of the Party.





5.1                  The Party has the branch as an important unit of the Party and each branch shall have a defined area.


5.2                  The branch shall have a register of members and it shall be launched in accordance with the processes set out by the Party.





6.1                  Any South African citizen of the age of 18 or over, residing anywhere in the world, who accepts the Constitution of this Party (subject to amendment from time to time according to the prescribed procedure), and who agrees to pay regularly the Party membership dues as may


be prescribed from time to time, and to carry out decisions of the Party as duly authorized, shall be eligible for Party membership, provided that he or she is not a member of any other political party.


6.2                  Each member shall be affiliated to the closest branch to their place of residence and shall furnish all addresses/ phone numbers/ e-mail where he/ she can be contacted. A member will have to apply in writing to the Parliamentary Committee concerned for a change of place if he/she wishes to be active from some other place in due course.   Such change will involve removal from the membership register of the earlier place.


6.3                  A member’s membership will be terminated immediately should they join any other political party.   When the member joins the Party as member     all   other   political   affiliations   and   memberships   will automatically be terminated.


6.4                  A branch shall call regular meetings to review campaign strategy, and share their challenges and successes with other branches in the Party.


6.5                  Each branch must during the weekly meeting designate a topic on policy and conduct political education on the topic, and ensure that all members are given a clear indication of policies of the party and can be ambassadors of the policies and these values.


6.6                  A branch shall compile a monthly report of activities of the branch and send such a report to the regional or provincial structure of the party.





7.1                  The Party is based on values and principles, as enshrined in the Constitution, and is unequivocal against corruption. Should any member of the Party appear to act contrary to those values, those members will be brought before a committee appointed in terms of clause 7.2 below.


7.2               On receipt of a complaint for breach of discipline, it will be referred to


the Disciplinary Committee, members of which are appointed by the President (“DAC”), and the DAC and/or the President may suspend, withdraw and/or terminate:


7.2.1                       any individual from their position; or



7.2.2                       Party structure from their position.



7.3               Breach of discipline includes the following but is not limited to:



7.3.1                           Engaging in conduct and/or behaviour which are against the values of the Party;


7.3.2                       Opposing the official candidate of the Party in any election;



7.3.3                           Wilfully disobeying instructions or orders passed by a competent authority or structure of the Party;


7.3.4                           Taking a Party dispute to any other agency outside the Party, and in particular, acting in a way calculated to lower the prestige and/or reputation of the Party or carrying on public propaganda and/or misinformation relating to the Party;


7.3.5                           Collecting funds for the Party without authorisation, misusing the Party or indulging in malpractices relating to the enrolment of members or in relation to any of the Party elections.


7.4                  The DAC shall in particular take strong action against any public functionary such as a Minister belonging to the Party and who is prima facie guilty of corruption and misuse of public power or their position.





8.1                  This Constitution shall be adopted by the President and the National Advisory Council.   Immediately after such adoption, the Constitution shall be referred to provinces for implementation and shall be published in all communication channels of the Party.


8.2               Adopted by, subject to amendments as may be necessary to align with


the values, principles and ethics of the Party and to improve quality and