Ramaphosa carefully treads the renewal path

President Cyril Ramaphosa after delivering his maiden State of the Nation Address. (Photo: Jeffrey Abrahams, Gallo Images) RELATED ARTICLES Ramaphosa announces SARS clean-up CAREFULLY WORDED, diplomatically delivered and with an air of credibility and gravitas, President Cyril Ramaphosa’s first

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10 things ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa must do urgently

First, craft an urgent exit plan for President Jacob Zuma as the starting point to restore public confidence and trust in the ANC and government. Zuma should be given a short period – two weeks at most – to pack and go. Ramaphosa’s rise to power was in part propelled by the promise that trust

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Lessons Jacob Zuma taught us

Now that President Jacob Zuma, once a seemingly invincible figure, is out of the public office that he had used as an instrument of plunder, it would be a mistake to attempt to forget him. Some people are already annoyed at the mention of his name. Such is the extent of the hatred he induced.

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