Heritage Day Message

AgangSA Heritage Day Message

The people of South Africa are hungry. How do you celebrate heritage day when you are hungry, uneducated and homeless. How does one celebrate South Africa’s heritage day when your dignity has been ripped of. What is your identity as a South African when you don’t have land. When we have South Africans have lost our culture how do we celebrate heritage day.

White people have not lost their heritage, we are adopting their heritage because we have lost ourselves. We idolise them in such a way that we want to have their hair, skin and culture.

Our message today as Agang SA is stop let’s restore our dignity. Let us get our land back, but first remove the ANC government because they are at the root of corruption. Let us get land in the right way and build partnership that will empower the people. There is no point in getting land and not being able to sustain and maintain it. Let us fix mistakes of the past and learn.

Agang is in the business of rebuilding the dignity of South Africans and not crippling our economy. We need to vote out the liars, thieves and deceivers before we can be a fast growing country. We need not be afraid of getting rid of greedy leaders.

Let us do away with the spirit of dependence, be it depending on the government or personal relations for when you are dependent you are easily enslaved and subjected to abuse.

On this day we urge South Africans to fight against those who oppress them and not forget their heritage.

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