MPs’ canteen out to stop diabetes

Apart from insults, parliament has been serving meals to to staff and MPs this month to beat diabetes.

The food ranges from pearled wheat and spinach salad, to home-made popcorn sprinkled with herbs.

The menu overhaul was prompted by World Diabetes Month this month.

According to NGO Diabetes SA, if the disease is untreated or not managed correctly the “high levels of blood glucose associated with diabetes can slowly damage fine nerves and blood vessels in the body”.

This can lead to heart disease, blindness and even impotence.

The new parliament menu is based on guidelines from the cookbook Cooking from the Heart, which as been endorsed by Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi.

The book forms part of a campaign driven by the Heart and Stroke Foundation SA and pharmaceutical company Pharma Dynamics to show that eating healthy does not have to be “boring, bland, tasteless or expensive”.

Pharma Dynamics spokesman Nicole Jennings said the company hoped the rest of South Africa would be inspired by the move.

“Nutrition plays an important part in managing diabetes and curbing other diseases of lifestyle,” said Jennings.

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